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About Our Magazine

Fragrance creates unique and intimate experiences. The reaction provoked by a certain note or scent is either universal, polarising or particularly subjective. For every hundred people that say a particular smell is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ there are always some individuals who will interpret it to be otherwise. Why? The answer to that question and many others is what The Frag Mag is all about. 

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The Inception

Everyone likes a bit of luxury in their life. Most of us can afford very little, but even more so, that little bit becomes especially important.

Perfume is fascinating because it is the most intimate of luxurious experiences we can possess. It reaches areas of our existence beyond stimulation by most other means. It can conjure up memories long forgotten. It can transport us through years and decades in our lives, or perhaps even beyond, depending on what you believe about the universe. As magic potions go, it usually comes in an exquisitely crafted flacon or at least a fun little bottle. So irresistible was this mysterious world of perfume that eventually we wanted to learn all about it.

And so, attractive first to our eyes, then to our noses, than winning over our hearts and minds, fragrances gradually took over our lives with every curious discovery. Eventually, there was so much we were intrigued by, so many things we were learning, that it became impossible not to share our thoughts.

This is how the fragrance magazine idea was conceived and why it is our great pleasure to welcome you to The Frag Mag.

“Beauty is life. Anything that incites pleasure, whatever the sensory stimulation it creates, is a manifestation of vigour that keeps this universe from becoming a dark, empty, lifeless space. In that sense, fragrance is truly a breath of life.”

Marcin Jastrzebski

Editor-in-Chief, The Frag Mag